Milford Sound Painting

Milford Sound Painting

Milford Sound Painting

An original painting by Stanley Port.
Acrylics on Canvas: 50 x 70 cm
This painting is FOR SALE£250

Milford Sound Painting: This painting is a great view of South Island of New Zealand at its best. Milford Sound is stunning. Actually, this is not a sound, but a classical fjord – a long narrow inlet of the sea with high steep cliffs, carved out in bygone times by glacial ice. Milford Sound is in Fiordland, in the remote southwest corner of South Island, New Zealand. Hugely popular among most tourists and travellers to New Zealand, they have a long but most impressive journey just to get to this location, passing along a tortuous road and through majestic alpine scenery. This Milford Sound painting shows a view of the Sound and the triangular pinnacle of Mitre Peak beyond which is a classic exhibited in many tourist publications. Unfortunately, most of these seem to omit much foreground scenery. My painting was inspired, however, by the view from a spot on the foreshore where the flax plants and pampas grass proliferate. These are common throughout New Zealand’s coastal areas and here they considerably enhance the composition in the painting. 

A Giclée print of this painting is available from the artist   Contact

Painting on wall:- 

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