Painting of Secretary Bird Head

Painting of Secretary Bird Head

Painting of Secretary Bird Head

An original painting by Stanley Port.
Acrylics on Board: 30 x 23 cm
This painting is FRAMED and FOR SALE£120

Painting of Secretary Bird Head: This shows the striking bird that inhabits large areas of sub-Saharan Africa, especially the grasslands and savannahs down to and including the Cape of Good Hope. It is a large bird with a striking gait. It uses its long legs for stomping on its prey, which include insects, mice and snakes. Farmers have domesticated the Secretary Bird to combat pests around farmsteads, especially those snakes. It is instantly recognisable with its black feathers protruding from behind its head, and this painting illustrates its eagle-like head and beak.

A Giclée print of this painting is available from the artist   Contact

Framed painting:- 


A painting can be a great idea for a present for someone – for a wedding, an anniversary, birthday or for Christmas 

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