Cape Cod Jetty painting

Cape Cod Jetty painting

Cape Cod Jetty painting

An original painting by Stanley Port.
Acrylics on Canvas: 45 x  60 cm
This painting is Framed and is FOR SALE£295

Cape Cod Jetty painting: This seascape of a dilapidated jetty is at Provincetown at the extreme tip of Cape Cod in Massachussetts. The Pilgrims travelling across the Atlantic on the Mayflower initially anchored in the harbour in 1620. This was before they sailed on to nearby Plymouth.  Soon, Provincetown was being described as ” a good harbour and pleasant bay, circled round, except in the entrance”. No less than 1000 sailing ships could safely ride at anchor and be provisioned here.

Ptown, as it is sometimes called, is an historic fishing port. It lies in an area of spectacular natural beauty, surrounded by miles of dunes and beaches. It has been the largest, safest and busiest natural harbour on the New England coast. Sailors, pirates, fishermen, painters, and authors all have lived here for centuries. For a long time it has attracted artists, tourists, and bohemians who blended with the local population and produced a unique community character.

A Giclée print of this painting is available from the artist   Contact

Framed painting:-  

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