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Stanley Port has been painting seriously for about 15 years. Having lived in Godalming in Surrey in southeast England for over 40 years, he has recently moved to the beautiful West Sussex town of Arundel - home to more than 150 artists.

He travels frequently to lots of countries around the world. Many of the inspiring things he observes on these travels often become the inspiration for his paintings. As a keen photographer, he captures a multitude of scenes for possible future use. Of course, merely copying a photograph in paint will rarely result in a worthwhile painting so a little artistís licence is always in order. A sky can be modified, a tree moved, objects eliminated or elements from two entirely different places merged. Light, contrast and harmonious colour are all-important in any painting. Having seen the light, it can be stunning and dramatic, always illuminating, but usually fleeting in nature, so he works very hard to capture it as a permanent record in his paintings. He is particularly keen on adopting all the techniques of atmospheric and linear projection to enhance the feeling of three-dimensional depth in what is inevitably a two-dimensional medium. The objective is to get mood into his paintings, which will appeal to all those who love nature and beautiful places.

He works with acrylic paint, which combines all the advantages of oils and watercolors, and is modern. He paints mostly on stretched box canvases or boards. Paintings on this website are original works, although giclee prints of certain paintings are stocked or can be ordered. Boards need to be framed. Box canvases are stapled on the back and he continues the scenes around all the edges. This means they are ready to hang as delivered, although they could framed if preferred. All paintings are varnished to make them tough and resistant to ultra-violet. Paintings come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Stanley has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for many years. He is also a member of several local art societies and groups, and has exhibited in many locations in the southeast of England. He also works in glass art - leaded and foiled stained glass, and painted glass.

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